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Books, Book Accessories, and Assorted Dung

Where Were You (When the world Stopped Turning)

Alan Jackson


Award Winning Author,

Illustrator, and

Motivational Public Speaker

Hello, and welcome to my web-site.

Come on in and and stay awhile...

Kick off your shoes and get comfortable...

Thank you, for dropping in! I appreciate it...

I am a 24 year Army Veteran (Retired), who was severely injured in the war

in Iraq in 2006. I was a Combat Engineer, and a Route Clearance Expert who had specific expertise in how the enemy made and disguised their deadly and devastating Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), or Roadside Bombs. I was a trained expert on all the new equipment we were using to counter the enemy IED threat. My mission was to share this knowledge and other information with every team doing route clearance in Iraq, and to report what was going on in relation to new IED tactics of the enemy, on the battlefield, to the Commander, the General, who was in charge of the military operations of all 29 countries that made up the coalition that was fighting the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq.

I performed 59 dangerous missions, and was in a vehicle that was directly blown up on six different occasions by "roadside" bombs. I led 33% of the missions I was on; Co-Authored the first ever Handbook used to train new Route Clearance teams, and received the Bronze Star Medal for "Demonstrating Personal Courage and Conviction on Multiple Occasions by Continually Performing His Duties While Under Enemy Attack" (among other things). I also received the Purple Heart Medal, for wounds received in direct contact with the enemy.

The War on Terrorism is the longest war in American history.

There have been more amputations in this war, than during the civil war. Service member suicides have claimed more of my "Brothers and Sisters" lives than the enemy has. Something has to change! 

If you like my books, or what you see on my web-site, then, please tell a friend and share. Help me get the word out!

If you don't like them, well then, let’s just keep that our secret (I am just kidding of course).