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Books, Book Accessories, and Assorted Dung

I Won'tLet You Down

Toby Keith

Page Under Construction (guess I am still figuring me out)

Click on photo above to visit

my personal FaceBook page.

About Me:

I am currently an Author, Public Speaker, and Dedicated Volunteer. I am also a permanently Disabled American Veteran. I have published three books that I am very proud of and hope will meet the purpose of why I felt so passionate about publishing them. That is to help others facing the hell of recovering from severe, traumatic injuries; and give the public in general, a glimpse of what it is like for our severely wounded service members to travel down the "Road to Recovery" that so many must travel. I wanted those who are traveling down "Recovery Road" to know they are not alone! I also wanted Americans to be able to have a better understanding of just how difficult of a road it is to travel; so they can be appreciative, support and have compassion for those who find themselves at the beginning of a road they did not pick to travel.

I was born in Nephi, Utah; grew up and started my education there. My family moved and I graduated high school from Emery Count High, in Castle Dale, Utah. I Joined the Military after High School on August 28, 1985. I Later received an Associate of Science Degree, in 1999, from Snow College in Ephraim, Utah. My Military Career ended on February 10, 2010, because of severe wounds received in combat during the War in Iraq in 2006 as a Route Clearance Expert (a Bomb Hunter). See more details by viewing my Biography page. 

I released my first published book "Dung In My Foxhole" in May of 2011, and have not let my pen set idle since.

Currently, I have four books in publication, with another soon to be

released! In addition, I am working on a children's book, doing more art work and Public Speaking. I LOVE visiting Our Hospitalized Veterans and "Wounded Warriors" in hospitals and "recovery centers" across the country. It is so important they know they are not alone, and that people care for the sacrifices they have made for our nation and for our freedoms. Along with my volunteer work, I enjoy the being a member of many Veterans Service Organizations. I Love Public Speaking, whether it is to our youth at public or private schools and organizations; or Adults in organized clubs, serving in elected government positions on special committees, with charitable organizations, or motivating professional management teams in the competitive world of corporate America. Everyone has a unique and special story to tell, and I feel lucky to be able to meet so many wonderful people and hear THEIR Stories. It is very humbling and an honor for me. 

I have two beautiful little Princesses (Scarlett and Lincoln), that love to read. They all fill my heart and world with Happiness and Love, as only children can! They keep me grounded as I navigate my journey through life. They are a daily source of inspiration, laughter and light.

I am still traveling down my "recovery road" after being blown-up in a vehicle, by roadside bombs in Iraq, six different times. I was on a straight liquid diet that consisted of nothing but five cans of Ensure Boost per day (vanilla only) for over 4 years. I am happy to say that after one last procedure on my jaw, I am now eating some solid foods again; and it is GREAT! I still suffer from residual effects of a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury, a broken neck, the anatomical loss of my right eye and am legally blind, require a cochlear implant and a hearing aid to hear, have an abnormal gait and balance problems which requires mobility aids to walk; have a flacid neurologic bladder that requires cathaterization to drain, and suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. All in all, I feel pretty blessed and am happy to be alive!

I am heavily involved with supporting our American Military Servicemen and Women, our "Wounded Warriors," Hospitalized Soldiers, Veterans, and issues and programs that support them. They have protected me and my freedoms. Now it is my turn to support and look out for them!

I am very proud and Honored to be a serving as a Board Member of

the 501(c)(3) charity, Hand in Hand Outdoors. They are doing remarkable things for our Wounded Warriors from across the country as well as for children with disabilities. Click on the logo to find out more.   

I am proud to be Commissioned a "Kentucky Colonel," by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is the highest honor awarded by the Commonwealth. I am further honored to be a Kentucky Ambassador of good will and fellowship around the world.His “Medical Journey” to date includes six major surgeries, treatment at eight different hospitals, in three different states, by over 47 different Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists and other health care professionals; not counting the more than a dozen different Dentists, Endodontists, Oral Surgeons, and other Dental Specialists.

I am a Lifetime Member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Chapter: Wasatch 1, in Provo, Utah. I am a past Senior Vice Commander. It is one of the leading chapters in the country! I am honored to be a part of this chapter.

I am also Proud to be a Lifetime Member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (Post 3586), Salt Lake City, Utah. Another highly regarded chapter.

Lifetime Member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (Utah Chapter).

Proud to be a Member of the American Legion, in Billings, Montana, the Andrew Pearson Post #117.

Honored to be an Honorary Rotarian (Sunrise Club) in Park City, Utah.

Am an Alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project and proud of All they do.

Member of the Patriot Guard Riders.

Click on Photo below to visit the Patriot Guard web-site.

Belong to the Army "Wounded Warrior Alumni."

Click on the photo to the right to go to the "Army

Wounded Warrior" program web-site.

with Colonel Gregory Gadson,

Director of the Army Wounded Warrior

Program (AW2)

I am a Lifetime Member of the Blue Star Riders,

and currently their Vice President. Check out Their

Website by Clicking on their patch Logo to the right. 

Noteworthy Civilian Achievements:

Was Humbled and Honored to be the very first Utahan to be inducted into the newly formed "Utah Patriots Hall of Fame." The "Utah Patriot Hall of Fame" will honor Utah patriots from police and peace officers, fire fighters, emergency-responders' and military personnel/veterans; who have sacrificed and made heroic or valiant contributions for Utah and continue to contribute, volunteer, and give of themselves for the the good of Utah and it's residents. Ewell was presented with this prestigious induction at a ceremony in conjunction with the "Healing Field" memorial outside of Sandy City Hall, in Sandy, Utah, on September 11th, 2016, by Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes.  

I was humbled to be presented with the prestigious Myers Evergreen Memorial Park's, ANNUAL HUMANITARIAN AWARD, in recognition and appreciation of Outstanding Service to the community and the country, on Memorial Day, of 2014.

Honored as one of twelve veterans from four different wars (WWII, Korea, Vietnam & Iraq), by the University of Utah, for their contributions to freedom. I was the lone veteran, of the eleven, representing the current "War on Terrorism" in Iraq or Afghanistan, and the first post Vietnam era veteran to be commemorated. The prestigious ceremony took place at the University of Utah on November 09th, 2012, with full military customs and honors.

Presented the key to the city of Leitchfield, Kentucky, by Honorable Mayor William H. Thomason on August the 12th, 2012.

Commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel by the Honorable Governor Steven L. Beshear, and the Honorable Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, on August the 10th, 2012 (the 221 year of the Commonwealth).

Made an Honorable Duke of the city of Paducha, Kentucky by Honorable Mayor Hardy Gentry on August the 10th, 2012.

Was honored to be made an Honorary Member of Rotary International, with membership in the Park City, Utah Sunrise Club on August 15th, 2011.

Elected as the Senior Vice Commander of my Disabled American Veterans Chapter, Wasatch One, in Utah (August 03rd, 2011 and again in July of 2012).

Was one of six people from Utah selected to hand stitch the Utah section onto the National 9/11 Flag that now resides at the museum at Ground Zero as a National Memorial and Treasure (in July, 2011)

Selected as Vice President of the Blue Star Riders, Honoring and Helping our Nations Hospitalized Service-members, Veterans and their Families and supporting causes that help all our Wounded and Fallen Heroes and support them (September 2010).

Presented The State of Utah Department of Public Safety Executive Award of Merit: In recognition and appreciation of extraordinary service and outstanding contributions on behalf of the citizens of Utah on May 15th, 2008.

Was presented with the City of Eagle Mountain's, Outstanding Citizenship Award, on November 14th, 2007.

I would like to thank you or your Patriotism and Support of our troops! You can disagree with the Politics that sent our military servicemen and women to war and still support those who raised their arm to the square and took an oath "to protect and defend America against all foes, both foreign and domestic" willing to put themselves in harms way whenever and wherever they are called upon to do so. Currently they number about two percent of our nations population!


Where I Reside; This is also

My Mailing Address:

2087 Sycamore Drive

Eagle Mountain, UT 84005