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I Need You

Faith Hill

"A Lifetime at War"

(Published July 11, 2012)

This book received the renowned "Eric Hoffer" Award for Excellence in Literature for the year 2015!

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My Book has Received by

the Industries Leading Leading Independent Book Review Sources:

The US Review of Books; BlueInk Review;

Kirkus Indie; and FOREWORD Magazine.

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"A LIFETIME AT WAR," is a chapter book, about the war the severly wounded will fight every day for the rest of their lives. I tell you exactly what happens from the moment someone becomes a casualty and take you every step of the way from the navy corpsman or combat medic that first puts his hands on you, thru every single stop you make getting back stateside and how long you are at each place; through the hell of each stage of a severely wounded soldiers recovery, as well as what happens after the military tells you, that you are so "screwed" up you cant even lick stamps for them... through the hell of more recovery and even walk you through using a catheter!

For the "Severely Wounded," their "War after the War" will last the rest of their Lives. The end date of their war will be printed on their death certificate.

"Once again Ewell is using his expertise and experience. This time to help “Wounded Warriors” navigate the hell of recovery, and help us all understand that the War in Iraq ended, but for thousands of Soldiers wounded, their War will never end!"

A First Look Inside At The Chapter Topics!


Section One

By Chapter

Chapter One: Meet the New You

Chapter Two: My Morning Routine

Chapter Three: Homebound

Chapter Four: Going Somewhere

Chapter Five: Get a Life

Chapter Six: It Takes a Team

Chapter Seven: Depression Will Find You

Chapter Eight: PTSD

Chapter Nine: Fight for Everything

Chapter Ten: Lean on Me

Also has a special Section of RESOURCES Available to Help Our Wounded Warriors and Their Families!