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*Resources are listed random. Their Order has NO reference in

ANY way to Importance, a Status or a Ranking*


National Resource Directory:

Providing resources is always a winning strategy not only for Veterans and their families, but others in need of direction as well. I strongly encourage you to check out their website at the link below. It is truly a one stop, wealth of information, put out by the Armed Forces Services Corporation.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:

With help comes hope! Are you in crisis?

Then call 1-800-273-TALK or Chat, right now.

If you or someone you know is in an emotional distress or

suicidal crisis, please call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255),

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


Phone: 1-800-273-8255 (24/7 Availability)

The Wounded In Action Family Foundation

The Wounded In Action Family Foundation (WIAFF), creates the opportunity for Wounded In Action families to successfully transition from a military hospital environment back into civilian society. Focus is on equipping the WIA family to become self supporting. It is not lifetime aid or charity. The WIAFF executive staff, board of directors, and board of advisors include distinguished top retired military officers, business professionals, and active clergy.

The WIAFF salutes all our “Wounded Warriors Families” and wants to make sure they are given every opportunity to return home and experience the American Dream for sacrificing so much for our country. We will never leave them behind … Never.

Our transition program is specifically designed to render the following types of support for discharged WIA patients and their families:

•Access to housing and sustenance in the area chosen by the family.

•Find employment to establish a sound financial basis for family fiscal independence.

•Arrange school enrollment or job training to support the educational needs of all family members.

• Assure availability of functioning medical support and transportation.

•Assist in locating government and other available support programs.

•Coordinate with a religious organization or other support groups to establish and implement family transition success criteria


Wounded In Action Family Foundation

Suite 300, 374 Maple Avenue, East

Vienna, VA 22180-1658

(571) 445-3954

Military OneSource:

is a free 24-hour service available to all active duty, Guard, Reserve

members and their families regardless of activation status.

Information and referrals are given on a wide range of issues

including behavioral health.

Face-to-face, phone and online counseling services are available.


Phone: 1-800-342-9647 (24/7 Availability)

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund:

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit set up to provide immediate

financial support for injured and critically ill members

of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. We direct

urgently needed resources to post 9-11 service

members from all branches of service - Marines, Navy,

Army, Air Force or Coast Guard - as well as their family

members. The Semper Fi Fund (SFF) provides relief

for financial needs that arise during hospitalization and

recovery as well as assistance for those with perpetuating

needs. Our program provides support in a variety of ways

including: Service Member and Family Support, Specialized

and Adaptive Equipment, Adaptive Housing, Adaptive

Transportation, Education and Career Transition Assistance,

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury

Support and Team Semper Fi.

Contact Information:

Injured Mrine Semper Fi Fund

Wounded Warrior Center • Bldg. H49

Camp Pendleton, CA 92055

Phone: 760-725-3680 or 760-207-0887

Fax: 760-725-3685

Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund

715 Broadway Street

Quantico, VA 22134

Phone: 703-640-0181


The American Red Cross:

The American Red Cross, Service to the Armed

Forces, Keeping Pace with the Military. The American

Red Cross links members of the U.S. Armed Forces with

their families during a crisis. Twenty-four hours a day,

365 days a year, the Red Cross quickly sends emergency

communications to deployed service members on behalf of

their family. Both active duty and community-based military

can count on the Red Cross to provide emergency

communications that link them with their families back

home, access to financial assistance in partnership with the

military aid societies, information and referral and assistance

to veterans. Red Cross personnel form a global network

in 700 U.S. chapters, military installations worldwide and in

forward deployed locations in Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.

To Find Your Local Chapter:

Phone: 1 800 RED CROSS (1 800 733 2767)

Contacting National Headquarters:

Phone: (202) 303 – 5214 - Staff / Dept. directory


American Red Cross National Headquarters

2025 E Street NW

Washington, DC 20006


Soldiers' Angels:

Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3)

nonprofit providing aid and comfort tothe men and

women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy,

Air Force, Coast Guard, and their families. Founded

in 2003 by the mother of two American soldiers, its

hundreds of thousands of Angel volunteers assist

veterans, wounded and deployed personnel and their

families in a variety of unique and effective ways.

"May No Soldier Go Unloved," encapsulates the

motivation behind Soldiers' Angels.

The volunteers of Soldiers' Angels work tirelessly

to demonstrate active care and concern for veterans,

the wounded, deployed service members and their


President/CEO: Patti Patton-Bader

E-mail: [email protected]

Mailing Address:

Soldiers' Angels

1792 E Washington Blvd

Pasadena, CA 91104

Phone: 626-529-5114

Fax: 626-529-5446

Voice Mail: (615) 676-0239


The Warrior Transition Command (WTC):

WTC's mission is to develop, coordinate, and integrate

the Army's Warrior Care and Transition Program (WCTP)

for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers, their Families or

caregivers to promote success in the force or civilian life.

The establishment of the WTC also represents a milestone

in the Army's transformation of outpatient care and services.

This began with the Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2)

and continued with Warrior Transition Units (WTUs)worldwide.

Warrior Transition Command

200 Stovall Street, 7S27

Alexandria, VA 22332-5000

Phone: (703) 428-7118

Email: [email protected]

Wounded Soldier and Family Hotline

“Staffed 24 hours a day 7 days a week”

Toll Free: (800) 984-8523

Overseas DSN: (312) 421-3700

Stateside DSN: 421-3700

Email: [email protected]

U.S. Army Wounded Warrior Program (AW2)

200 Stovall Street, Suite 7N57

Alexandria, VA 22332-5000

Toll Free: (877) 393-9058

Overseas DSN: (312) 221-9113

Email: [email protected]

Homes for Our Troops:

Homes for Our Troops: a national non-profit, non-partisan

501(c)(3) organization founded in 2004. We are strongly

committed to helping those who have selflessly given to

our country and have returned home with serious disabilities

and injuries since September 11, 2001. It is our duty and our

honor to assist severely injured Veterans and their immediate

families by raising donations of money, building materials and

professional labor and to coordinate the process of building a

home that provides maximum freedom of movement and the

ability to live more independently.

The homes provided by Homes for Our Troops are given at

NO COST to the Veterans we serve.

Homes for Our Troops Contact Information:

John Gonsalves - Founder

Major General (U.S. Army, Retired), Tim McHale, President and Director

Dawn M. Teixeira, Executive Director

Mailing Address:

Homes for Our Troops

6 Main Street

Taunton, MA 02780

Phone: 508-823-3300 or Toll Free: (866) 7 TROOPS

Fax: 508-823-5411


The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes (CSAH):

The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes (CSAH)

was created to provide a way for individuals, corporations

and others to help our severely wounded and disabled

Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom

veterans and their families rebuild their lives.

The mission of the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes

is to assist individuals and their families who have been

severely injured while serving in the U.S. military during

our country's defense against terrorism and to encourage

and assist other organizations and the general public to

participate in this effort.

Roger Chapin; President, CEO

CSAH is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, non-partisan organization

founded in 2004 and headquartered in Wilton, Connecticut.

Mailing Address:

Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes

12 Godfrey Place

Wilton, CT 06897-3030

Phone: 1-(888)-447-2588

E-mail: [email protected]


Blue Star Riders:

Blue Star Riders is a non-profit organization. We are

Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and fellow Vets who

support those who defend our freedom. We are dedicated

to supporting our troops and veterans, as well as honoring all

wounded troops and fallen heroes.

Our activities include visiting the wounded and their families

at Level 1 Poly Trauma Centers, Hospitals and Outreach

Centers; to let them know they have not been forgotten;

Providing comfort items, as well as personal hygiene products

to our hospitalized heroes; attending funerals for fallen heroes,

and spreading the word of the Fallen and Wounded Warrior Torch.

Founder & President: Richard "Wolf" Hamilton

Mailing Address:

Blue Star Riders

P.O Box 121

Oakley, CA/ USA


E-mail: [email protected]



Our goal is to provide PRESENTATION CANES

to a select group of Post 9-11 Veterans who have received some

manner of leg disability from combat related actions.

The Presentation Canes are based upon an eagle head design,

personalized for the veteran. When possible and or practical, canes

are to be carved and presented by participants from the same state

as the veteran.

In January 2004, while watching an ABC News about our wounded

post 9-11 Veterans, I realized that there was, perhaps, a little

something that I, a woodcarver and cane maker, could do to indicate

to these young people our support and to bring some measure of

honor to them. Since many of the Veterans presented on the ABC

segment displayed leg wounds and amputations and would most

likely be using a cane at some time, I thought that we could carve

symbolic “Presentation” canes - not as an everyday use object -

but as an artistic representation of our support and respect.

-- Jack Nitz

If you know of a veteran with leg injuries sustained in post-9/11 service;

Contact Jack Nitz

Phone: 1 (918) 299-2251

E-mail Jack Nitz at: [email protected]

or Stan Townsend at: [email protected]



It’s in the nature of Military and Veterans to step up.

So we did! The kind of people who volunteer to serve

their country, the ones who put their nation first and

their own lives second, are the kind of people we need

to honor every day. Not just on Memorial Day, Veteran’s

Day and the Fourth of July, but every day. Through The

Veteran Tickets Foundation, now those who care about

our Military and Veterans have a way to give back.

Every day, in every city, there are events with empty seats

that could be filled by those who serve or served. More

than that, many event tickets are simply unaffordable for

average people. We believe the events that bring

Americans together in the spirit of celebration, competition

and camaraderie—those all-American moments are the

times we need welcome and acknowledge our Veterans.

Mailing Address:

Veteran Tickets Foundation

3401 East Turquoise Ave.

Phoenix, Arizona 85028

FAX:fax your documents to 520-350-9314

(cover sheet required)



AmpSurf is a non-profit organization made up of

amputees, veterans and friends and family of the disabled.

We want to Promote, Inspire, Educate, and Rehabilitate

people with disabilities. Especially, our Veteran Heroes,

through adaptive surfing and fun safe outdoor activities

that everyone can participate in and enjoy.

One in five Americans will struggle with a life-long disability.

Nearly two million men and women have served our country

in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are coming home looking for ways

to feel whole again and to fit back in to normal life. Whether they

are an amputee, visually impaired, suffer from PTSD (Post-

Traumatic Stress Disorder), or have quadriplegia. Whether they

served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf war, Iraq or Afghanistan.

AmpSurf offers a unique program to bring the healing power of the

ocean and adaptive surfing together for an experience that is both

mentally and physically one of the best forms of rehabilitation on

the planet!

Phone: 1(805) 744-8622


P.O. Box 5045

San Luis Obispo, CA 93403


Van Curaza Surf School (VCSS):

Van Curaza Surf School (VCSS) is the premier surf school serving the central coast of California. Founded and run by legendary waterman, Van Curaza. We teach safety in surfing, along with ocean, community and environmental awareness. From first-timers and beginners to expert surfers, physically to cognitively disabled people, we invite anyone to enjoy a surfing experience of a lifetime! Your dream to surf will be fulfilled!

Over the past two years, Van also worked hand-in-hand with Ampsurf (Association of Amputee Surfers.) As an instructor with Ampsurf, Van successfully helped disabled students – many of them veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars – catch and ride waves for their first time.

Contact the Van Curaza Surf School for surfing lessons and various surf camps ran by professional surfers in Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, Avila Beach, Morro Bay, Cayucos, and San Luis Obispo, California!

Contact Info:

Mailing Address:

Van Curaza Surf School

P.O. Box 1581

San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

Office: 805-543-SURF (7873)

Mobile: 805-748-1060

Fax: 805-773-0205


Operation Surf:

Amazing Surf Adventures is proud to “serve those who serve us” through the annual hosting of our Operation Surf events. Operation Surf is a recreational and rehabilitative surfing clinic for wounded, active duty service men and women who are recovering at the Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. This highly successful clinic has helped our nations wounded warriors to overcome their challenges and develop new, positive perspectives towards concentrating on finding their abilities. This community supported event gives our local residents and businesses a unique opportunity to directly show appreciation for some of America’s true heroes.

Contact Info:

Amazing Surf Adventures

PO Box 1581

San Luis Obispo, CA 93406

805-554-SURF (7873)


The Chance Phelps Foundation is dedicated to supporting and honoring our nation's warriors. CPF coordinates vital assistance and hosts several special events, including a week-long mountain camp for veterans and their family, fishing, hunting and snowmobile trips, and a Gold Star parent's retreat.

Nineteen-year-old Pfc. Chance Phelps, of Dubois, Wyoming and Clifton, Colorado, was killed in action in Al Anbar, Iraq, April 9, 2004. He was with the 3rd Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, Marine Expeditionary Force from Twenty Nine Palms, California. He was posthumously awarded LCpl.

Chance, the son of Gretchen Mack, of Dubois, Wyoming, and John Phelps, of Cody, Wyoming, was the fallen Marine featured in the HBO television movie TAKING CHANCE, starring Kevin Bacon.

Gretchen L. Mack, Founder and President



Chance Phelps Foundation

PO Box 1715

Duboise, WY 82513





Chair-Bound Sportsmen (Utah):

Giving Wounded Warriors, Veterans, and Sportsmen

who are wheelchair bound, or with severe mobility problems,

a positive, healing outdoor hunting experience, through the

interaction of other sportsmen, wounded warriors and veterans

thru the volunteerism of Professional Guides, Private Land

Owners, Adaptive Equipment, Special Permits, Transportation

and Lodging as required to meet the needs of each individual

handicapped Sportsman.

Contact Info:

Phone: (801)499-9770

e-mail: [email protected]

e-mail: [email protected]

Sergeant Daniel Gurr Foundation:

Sgt. Daniel David Gurr was 21 years old when he was killed in action in

the Sangin valley, Helmand province, Afghanistan on August 5th 2011.

He was in The 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division, 3rd Marine

Expeditionary Force.

The Sgt. Daniel D. Gurr foundation’s mission is to help the active and in-active

members of the United States Armed Forces.

By sending packages to Afghanistan we are trying to make our warriors lives a

little bit better.

We have started a wounded warrior hunt in Eastern Utah to give something back

to our wounded heroes.

We will also make donations to the Fisher house in Dover Delaware.

Contact Information”

e-mail: [email protected]


SGT. Daniel D.Gurr Foundation

1827 N 1500 E

Vernal, UT 84078


Colonial Flag Foundation develops and implements many programs to promote

patriotism, a sense of civic duty and honor for those who serve our country. Our

programs encourage volunteerism and unity, generate awareness and raise funds for

issues in support of civic, service and other nonprofit organizations, and create an

environment that helps to heal, honor, celebrate and educate.

Colonial Flag Foundation was organized in 2003 shortly after the first Healing Field

display was orchestrated by Paul Swenson, President of Colonial Flag in Sandy, Utah.

That first event was organized as a way to visualize the sheer enormity of

human loss that occurred in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. It became

a personal gesture of support, a tangible expression of mourning, and a very real healing experience. Through Colonial Flag Foundation communities come together, visitors

are educated and uplifted; and most importantly, individual hearts are healed.

Contact information:

Colonial Flag Foundation

9362 South 300 West

Sandy, UT 84070

Phone: 801.256.3639

Toll Free: 866.375.3524


[email protected]/


More Places on the "Web" for Information:

The following list contains more awesome top charity

organizations and programs and resources to help our

wounded warriors and their families. Just type the name

or reference in bold into the search engine on your

computer to find out more about them.

General and Multiple Assistance

Armed Forces Foundation:

Housing renovations, outdoor sports, grants,

bereavement support

Freedom is Not Free:

Financial Assistance

Hope for the Warriors:

Grants, family housing during recovery, spouse

scholarships, family/spouse support, "wishes" for

the severely wounded

National Resource Directory:

Clearinghouse for national, state and local private/gov

info & resources

Operation Second Chance:

Hospital visits, home renovation, transition support

Paralyzed Veterans of America:

Help with health care, benefits and career


Rebuild Hope:

Financial assistance

Wounded Warrior Regiment

Full range of support for Marine/Navy wounded and


Wounded Warrior Project

Sports activities, grants, transition/employment, family

adjustment support

Recovery and Sports

Angels of Mercy

Gifts/visits for hospitalized

Azalea Charities Aid for Wounded Soldiers

Gifts for hospitalized/veterans

Care Pages

Free patient blogs

Heroes on the Water (KASA)

Fishing and Kayak outings (at major medical


Operation TBI Freedom

Free care coordination services (advocacy/advice)

Operation Oasis

Therapeutic massage and spa services for wounded

and family (San Antonio, TX)

Texas Honor Ride

Supporting the Soldier Family Assistance Center at BAMC

The Mission Continues

Fellowships to empower wounded and disabled veterans

to serve in their communities

Wounded Heroes Foundation

Outings, hospital visits, care packages

Families of the Fallen

Patriot Guard Riders

Honor guard and protection for funerals

Housing and Transportation

Air Compassion for Veterans

Transportation for specialized treatment/rehab

Fisher House

Housing for family/outpatients at medical facilities

Rebuilding Together

Home renovation

Veterans Airlift Command

Private plane transportation for wounded during


Employment and Advocacy

American Combat Veterans of War

VA advocacy and PTSD support

America's Heroes at Work

Employment support for veteran with TBI or PTSD

(Dept. of Labor program)


Job Opportunities for Disabled American Veterans

Special Operations Command Care Coalition

Advocacy, information and transition assistance



Christian prayer support


A PHONE contact list of organizations whose primary

focus is on crisis and crisis prevention, and help

programs for ALL Soldiers and their Families:

Military One Source

It is 24 hour help by phone. Help with life’s “Big”

and “Little” issues. Not a question or topic that cannot

be discussed. From Physical and Mental Health concerns

Social concerns, Fear and Anxiety to how to change your

car oil or bake a cake. No Kidding!

ARMY: 800-464-8107

MARINES: 800-869-0278

NAVY: 800-540-4123

AIR FORCE: 800-707-5784

National Veterans Foundation


This is the only nationwide

non-governmental national hotline for

Veterans and their Families. They provide

emotional support, crisis intervention, and

benefit information.

Also see their web site at: 

Social Security Office Locator


Veterans suffering from PTSD may be able

to obtain Social Security Benefits even if the

VA refuses them.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Note: 9255 spells TALK. (800)-273-TALK.

The ONLY National Suicide Intervention hotline

funded by the Federal Government, this number works

24 hours a day, seven days a week and has over 100

crisis centers nationwide.

Currently suicide is taking the lives of more of our

soldiers than the enemy is in Afghanistan. It has to stop.

If you think you know someone in need of help, please

do not look away. Help is out there! Help is available!


They offer Employment Assistance for seriously wounded

veterans who otherwise could not return to work.