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Books, Book Accessories, and Assorted Dung

An Angel (Everything But The Wings)

Alan Jackson


Why this web-site?

The bottom line is, I want to help my "brothers and sisters" who were injured in the War on Terrorism, and our Veterans. I also want the public to be informed on the what is real and what isn't; and the true price of freedom.

This web-site is a vehicle to help sell books I have written. Proceeds from books sales go to programs that help those injured and their families. It does not matter if you buy a book here, or from Barnes and Nobel, Amazon, Trafford publishing, or your local bookstore. JUST BUY A BOOK! My website is just another way to showcase my books and book reviews, to hopefully help the reader find a book that will interest them. All books bought from my website however, are personally signed, and include a surprise gift; as a special way for me to say "Thank-You" for your support!

The books contain information on how the injured can get through long painful recoveries, and make the public aware of what they are enduring, and will endure for the rest of their lives.

They also contain lists and the contact information of many organizations and charities that can provide them with direct help;

and that people can contribute to, or volunteer with to help them.

What is the point anyway?

Too many are suffering! 

There have been more amputees from the War on Terrorism than any other war. 

It has become the longest sustained war in American History. 

More of our service members have committed suicide, than have been killed by the enemy. 

Divorce rates among the severely wounded are astronomical!

Where is your focus?

In selling books, and doing public speaking to providing public awareness about how to help those who are suffering! 

As well as to promote Patriotism, Good Citizenship, and an understanding, and compassion for those who are in, or have been in harms way, protecting our freedoms, to everyone. 

Do you really think anyone will look at ALL these pages???

Absolutely NOT! Most of them are just meaningless fluff about me, that are intended to provide a background as to why I know what I am talking about, as well as to show good things going on to help support them.

The pages that tell about the books themselves and the "RESOURCE INFO & LINKS" are the most important. But of Course, I Like Them All.